Villa Douq

Villa Douq


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Villa Douq emerges carved out of a sloped terrain, commanding panoramic views of the town of Batroun and the Mediterranean Sea.

The intentional expression of the structure as the main architectural language with exposed mechanical and electrical networks, aligns with the raw and honest aesthetics of the house. Board formed concrete creates stability on the uneven terrain while blending with the rugged beauty of the mountainous landscape. Natural materials such as stone and wood further enhance the connection between the project and its natural surroundings.

The project revolves around a central courtyard that acts as an architectural threshold, bringing natural light and ventilation to the core of the house. The hallway around the courtyard is a promenade for meditation leading to an open space for relaxation and social gatherings, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor.

Defined by a flat roof to the North, the master area encompasses a bedroom overlooking the valley, a bathroom cladded in green marble, a living area with a fireplace and a kitchenette. This space offers privacy to the client, a serene retreat within the mountain setting.

Defined by four barrel vaults, three identical bedrooms and a shared kitchen open to the South. Designed to receive visitors and family members alike, this area of the house offers functional temporary living spaces whilst maintaining a sense of unity. The guest quarters open up to a common yard, providing an outdoor area where guests can unwind.

  • Place
  • Batroun
  • Type
  • House
  • Area
  • 925
  • Year
  • 2026