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Origami is a place for children to immerse themselves in a world of culture, education and fun.

A construction made of solid wood, running the length of the entire site, carves the academy in two and is the main entity from which various spatial elements come into play. Natural light, air, sun-shading and namely a fluid circulation route, induce functionality and optimize the visitor’s experience. The functions of the all-encompassing structure range from a de-constructed sidewalk to a single user bench, as well as a pergola, a floor, a courtyard, a floating stair, a glazed ceiling and a private platform for viewing the sea.

The core of the two-leveled building is uncovered through the use of fair-faced concrete surfaces and exposed mechanical and electrical systems.

While the building’s perimeter pushes towards the neighboring plot, to allow for a larger open-air space and planted gardens, natural light dominates the space.

  • Place
  • Dbaye
  • Type
  • Workshop
  • Area
  • 1748
  • Year
  • 2012