Order 144

Order 144


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In 1925, in Beirut, Order 144 defined the sea as in inalienable maritime public domain and the right for everyone to access natural resources. Dalieh is a coastal region of approx. 120,000sqm near the emblematic Raouche rocks.

The project is about the right for everyone to access Dalieh. Through a series of interventions, which intuitively follow the site qualities and its mutable geomorphology, the proposal reclaims the region as an open-access shared domain. The project reconciles the public with Beirut’s last bit of wild natural coastline and is centered on the existing landscape heritage and threatened cultural and socio-economic practices.

A reverential design concept is established throughout the land, reintegrating public space into daily life and putting nature at the core of all interests. Informed by the site specificities, the interventions mimic medical incisions on the landscape, creating a light and ethereal atmosphere.

  • Place
  • Beirut
  • Type
  • Landscape
  • Area
  • 120000
  • Year
  • 2015