stay at home |  XXI triennale


65 m2    

milan - italy

Stay at home is a project created to represent Lebanon on the occasion of the XXI Triennale International Exhibition in Milan. As its name indicates, the event occurs every three years, and gathers countries from across the globe to exhibit under a main theme. After having been paused for twenty years, the Triennale de Milano re-launched itself in April of 2016 under the theme “21st century Design after Design”. Through FaR Architects, Lebanon was represented for the first time in this international and widely acclaimed exhibition. The team and as part of their research, dealt with the sharing economy as a product of the 21st century design inefficiencies, and projected into the future.

"Stay at Home” is an exterior attachable home capsule that can be fastened onto any window opening engulfing the shape of one’s body while lying down in a bed. With its flexible fixation system, it transforms into a suitcase, allowing the user to transport it anywhere within one’s apartment.
“Stay at Home” investigates modern day changes within the housing environment. It takes as its premise the sharing economy and online platforms such as Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, etc. that have managed to alter the urban environment without really building anything physical. Thus, the project critiques the ever-growing market of the nomadic experience of sharing a house, and projects it into a fictional future where all of one’s possessions are shared. The sharing economy works by exploiting inefficiencies and redundancies, transforming them into a marketable asset. What would happen if everything one owned was rented? How would the sharing economy benefit the most? How would one gain more money as a house owner? The house becomes a mere possession that is generating income. To maximize profit, the owner would have to be out of their home all the time. Every square meter of the house is being shared, swapped, and traded almost willingly pushing the host out of the limits of their home. The house is reduced to its basic amenity, the bed, which is pushed out of the perimeter walls.
“Stay at Home” allows the host to remain at home while their entire house is being rented out, which redefines the notion of what a home can be.

As part of the XXI Triennale International Exhibition 2016, a media competition was launched through the institution, to promote the work of young Italian film makers. Each selected film maker was paired to a country to create a movie inspired by the exhibitor’s project. With the coordination of FaR Architects, Alessandra Atzori and Massimo Ottoni, created a short movie based on our work.

Lebanon was awarded Best Creative Video by the official jury of Movie&Co. and the Triennale in June of 2016.

Project Team | Karine Fakhry, Diane Sawaya, Joanne Choueiri, Mathieu Kerbage

Collaboration | Manal Khader, Alexei Perry Cox 

Exhibition Booklet Design | Lama Zouein

Animation Motion Graphics | Nayla Gedeon

Animation Sound Design | Karim Khneisser

This exhibition was made possible with the support of the Lebanese Ministry of Culture.