Project Team | Karine Fakhry, Diane Sawaya 

Collaboration | Karim Chaya

Photography | Joe Kesrouani, Ieva Saudargaite

papercup | bookstore


55 m2

mar mikhael - lebanon


Papercup is one of the first boutiques to open in the now booming district of Mar Mikhael. It is a landmark that has become an urban benchmark, drawing the area and the people together. The interior and exterior spaces intersect at the edges of this specialized art bookstore and coffee shop, once an old painter’s storage warehouse. Papercup acts as a catalyst for the dynamics of the community, transporting you as you enter the shop while keeping you integrated within the industrial neighborhood. Sliding ladder and Victorian tiles lend an idiosyncratic touch to the otherwise raw and unassuming design. Defined by a linear and fluid layout, books and shelves to one side, magazines and racks to the other, but most of all by its tasteful and visionary owner Rania Naufal, Papercup has unassumingly succeeded since its opening in 2009 in becoming a consistent venue for books and magazines launches, coffee breaks and reading time.