Project Team | Karine Fakhry, Diane Sawaya, Chrystele Karam

Collaboration | Roula Gholmieh, Hady Haswani

Academy Woodwork Design | Anastasia Nysten

3D Rendering | Imagenatives

Photography | Nadim Asfar

origami   |   kids academy - restaurant  

educational - recreational

2,500 m2  

dbaye - lebanon

Origami is a journey through cultural, educational and recreational activities for children. The project is about connecting thresholds and spatial moments. Through the use of fair-faced concrete surfaces and exposed mechanical and electrical networks, we uncover the core of the structure. Two buildings of different heights slide by one another. A hardwood construction that runs the length of the site, carves the project in two. Besides creating a demarcation line between the two structures and different programmatic elements, and creating fluid circulation, this object also brings them together by transporting light, air and sun-shading. From a de-constructed sidewalk to a single user bench, this wood element transforms into a decking, a pergola, a floor, a courtyard, a floating stair, a ceiling, a wall and a private platform for viewing the sea. The building pushes its envelope towards the neighboring plots to allow public spaces and planted gardens to seep through while the courtyard brings light all the way into the core of the project, into the academy and canteen entrances, into the atelier and the library, and into the stairway that leads to the theatre and the dancing room at the level above.