Project Team | Karine Fakhry, Diane Sawaya, Lea Daniel

jac shop  


95 m2      

dubai, united arab emirates

JAC shop is a museum shop located in the Jameel Arts Centre in Dubai. The space has three glazed facades. The challenge was to create displays for products against glazed walls without blocking sunlight.

The perimeter of the shop is fitted with open shelving, allowing light in while creating a display for products from the outside looking in. Shelving is made of thin sheets of white painted metal, contrasting with the heavy nature of the concrete floor and columns. Two white painted steel sheets hanging from the ceiling above the windows serve as counter tables for visitors to enjoy a coffee or a magazine.

Two tables made of blue MDF run along the center of the space. Geometrical shapes are carved out of the table tops to create tailor-made spaces for posters, tote bags or books to be exhibited. These pieces can be placed back on to create a full and flat tabletop to cater to other uses.