Project Team | Karine Fakhry, Diane Sawaya

Photography | Joe Kesrouani

d house  

award winner - LAA 2017

private housing

1,225 m2

ain el kharroube - lebanon

The project revisits the notion of a house through a series of interventions that follow the site qualities and its intrinsic and distinctive geomorphology. The uninterrupted spatial distribution follows specific programmatic elements set by the client. Accessible through a restricted and private road and set on a steep slope, the project connects to the existing land at idiosyncratic thresholds, allowing the natural landscape to react and interact with the architecture. Respecting the environment and the site tectonics become absolute in the design strategy. Gathering solar energy and collecting rain water show some of the environmentally sustainable aspects of this house. Local stone perimeter walls, natural copper facades and planted green roofs, deeply ground the project within the surrounding mountain fabric of an evergreen pine forest. Lined by newly planted deciduous trees, the project undertakes striking colors and tones, and more specifically during the fall season. The intervention is clear yet rooted, allowing the users to experience the familiar landscape through an architectural promenade.