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Project Team | Karine Fakhry, Diane Sawaya, Lea Daniel

casa play  


190 m2      

damour - lebanon

Casa Play is a recreational house located in Damour, along the southern coast of Lebanon. The site is an agricultural land bound by banana and vegetable plantations, as well as the Mediterranean coast on the west and the main highway on the east.

The house’s curved steel structure is inspired by the simple and functional greenhouse typology found on nearby plots. A wooden box housing an open kitchen and bathrooms is inserted within the steel trusses. The rest of the space is kept for recreational activities such as a gym, a music room and a pool table. Trusses extend outside and create a partially covered terrace shaded with climbing greenery, leading to the outdoor pool.

Two concrete platforms on which the house and tennis court sit are connected by an untamed stone pavement path complementing the nature of the site.

site plan

axonometric view